My Beauty Must-Haves Friday, Nov 20 2009 

So, I’m not a big make-up artists, and most days I just wear my favorite lip gloss. But when I do get all “dolled up”, I swear by these products. These range from skin care to cosmetics. So, here we go!


Face wash

Clean and Clear Advantage 3 in 1 Foaming Cleanser

I have the worse acne in the world. I mean, I haven’t had clear skin since before puberty. I just don’t get it. I’ve tried Pro-Activ, no luck. I am now just trying to maintain the acne I do have, and i do so by using this face wash. I must admit, some of my acne has gone away, and I only sprout big pimples when I am eating bad things and/or stressed out. I have to thank this face wash for the work. Every morning and night, I wash my face with this, even after I use a make-up remover, because make-up remover does not replace washing your face at night. It’s always great to find a good acne product that doesn’t break you out and you can see changes.

Body Wash

Caress Tahitian Renewal Body Wash

I swear up and down by this body wash. It smells like a tropical dream, and the tiny beads leave my skin feeling very clean and dead-skin free. I honestly splurge here because it smells so heavenly, and I haven’t broken out from it. I am usually allergic to scented body washes and lotions, but this one hasn’t gotten to me (knocking on wood now). I just wish they had a matching lotion, then I would be set for life 🙂

Speaking of lotion, I have really dry skin, especially my feet, hands, face, and elbows. They tend to soak up moisture like a sponge, but never retain it. So, I have been daily searching for the right one for me. I actually buy the Family Dollar brand because it’s $1.50, and it works just as well as the Johnson and Johnson. Creamy Baby Oil won’t burn my skin in the sun, yet gives me the lasting moisture I need for my skin. Great product, I suggest it for anyone with severe dry skin, either this or Crisco, but i don’t like smelling like I’m going to be cooked in a pan soon 🙂


I use these two foundations off and on depending on what I am wearing and doing. The Super Stay is for when I wear white or may be hugging a lot of people, I definitely don’t want make up stains on my clothing. Also, when I go out at night, I wear this so i won’t look like a melting ice cream cone. The Liquid Mousse is for every other day, and works wonderfully. Maybelline really came out with some great products, I never thought they would be the ones to help a little black girl look flawless.

I adore Burt’s Bee, and I lost my only Burt’s Bee lip balm two months ago, I am still praying it will show back up. Until then, since I’m a broke college mom, I went for the next best thing, Lip Smackers. Yep, I took it back to the 90s when I was in elementary school and they were all the rage. You had to have all of the flavors or you were lame. I used to have almost every flavor, even if they didn’t taste all that great. I had the Skittles, The Soda Pop ones, you name it, I either had it or planned on getting it. Well, I had dropped that porduct off along with my BSB posters and bell bottom jeans. But in a desparate need for lip balm for a concert, they were there to support me. Now, this is not the best lip gloss, because your lips get pretty dry not too long after (then again, I have dry skin issues, even with my lips, Burt’s Bee was close but not the best either for my condition), but the Pink Lemonade is my favorite. The Strawberry I got because I thought it would taste great, I was disappointed, but I have it in case I lose the Pink Lemonade or leave it in another bag.

Coastal Scents was introduced to me by a college roommate of mine my freshman year of college when I stayed in the Residence Halls. I now stay with my mom, but I digress. She mentioned they had a great deal on an 88-color eye shadow kit for $20. I thought, $20 for 88 colors, I’m so there. I bought the shimmer one because I love a little shimmer with my shadow. There is leterally every color to match a shade of something in my closet. I get so excited because I actually did play with the shades one time to match a shirt I owned, here’s the picture

Yep, I wa experimenting so don’t judge me too harshly. Anways, this is a great line, and my eyeshadow doesn’t wear away after a night of dancing. And that’s without a primer, yes, you heard right, without a primer. I love the options I have color wise, great set.

Well, that’s pretty much the only beauty products I use as far as my face and skin is concerned. I will be doing a post on my experience with natural hair care soon so look out for that. If you have any questions,  leave a comment or send me a message.

ISM Sarah Jane

Love, Fashion, and Finding Me


Cheaply Chic-Rihanna Leaving A Hotel Friday, Nov 20 2009 

First off, want to give credit to Ultimate Rihanna for the photo!

11-02 - Leaving/Arriving To Gramercy Hotel, NYC

Rihanna was seen leaving her hotel in NYC rocking a very simple cropped top and jeans, with a pair of fabulous animal print booties. Again, I’m unsure if the designers, but if you want an inexpensive version of this look, you can try this option:

Wet Seal Cropped Top $10

Wet Seal Skinny Jeans $25

Urban Originals Animal Print Boots $37

Fabuless Rhinestone Stud Earrings $0.99

Forever 21 Twisted Bangle Set   $5.80

Total Outfit: $78.79

If you want to interpret the look on your own budget, here’s some key things you need:

1. Cropped top: It can be printed, plain, black white, which ever color you prefer, as lonmg as it suits your body type. Plus size women can wear thr cropped top look as well, just layer a tank underneath, maybe contrasting colors to give it a unique edge.

2. Skinny Jeans: Skinny Jeans are still going strong, now seemingly a basic for your wardrobe. Women of all sizes can wear skinny jeans, as long as they fit properly and are the right rise for your body shape. If you have a belly, don’t go for super low rise, try to find a mid rise skinny jean. If you are average or slim, you can pretty much wear any style and rise. Pear shapes should go for a mid rise, especially if your waist is slim, and definitely a darker wash.

3. Printed Booties: It doesn’t really matter what animal, skin, or print the boots are, as long as they don’t look cheap or cheesy. Also, make sure to go for a rounded toe, pointy toe and animal print can be a bit too fierce, but if you prefer pointy toe boots, go on and wear them 🙂

4. Rhinestone/Diamond Studs: These are a great basic to have in your wardrove to wear with any casual ensemble, especially if you want to have a little glam yet keep it simple.

5. Bangles: Gold isn’t necessary, just make sure it goes with the ensemble, metallic bangles are preferred though.

For more Cheaply Chic ensembles, check out the blog. Again, thank you to Ultimate Rihanna, I want to give credit where it is due.

ISM Sarah Jane

Love, Fashion, and Finding Me

Style Profile: A Preppy Girls Life Tuesday, Nov 17 2009 

The life of a modern day prepster is one full of upscale events and brunches with fellow colleages. So, it’s only right that she is dressed for the occasion. She usuall dresses causal for everyday activities, but still remains classic with a polo shirt, pleated shorts and cute simple flats, her signature style of earrings include studs, preferably pearl. Her jewelry is simple, yet classic and stands out. The classy quilted bag is a great small purse that adds a touch of retro chic to the look.

When it’s time to go out on the town with friends, she remains her classic look by wearing simple dresses and adding glamourous accessories to make the look pop. She starts with a simple two tone dress, then adds a great belt and diamond/rhinestone accessories to add that touch of glamour. By wearing lace gloves, she looks fashion-forward and retains that “Old-Hollywood Glam” appeal. A white clutch may seem troublesome, but that’s no problem for the prepster woman, it’s a must have.

Now it’s time to hit the office in a chic and again, classic ensemble. The classic white button up, black pencil skirt, and black pumps are not just great basics for her wardrobe, but can be mixed and matched with many of the other pieces found in her wardrobe. By wearing simple gold jewelry, it maintains the business rapour and even gives a slightly sexy aura to the look. A great black tote is another essential that will be timeless.

Hope you enjoyed going through the life of a preppy girl. Check back for more Style Profiles, right here at The ISMC!

ISM Sarah Jane

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Celebrity Look For Less Featuring Me :) Wednesday, Nov 4 2009 

Hello, I’ve been missing in action for about a week or two, mainly die to illness and make up work for school. But I’m back to share great news. I am so excited because I have my first feature on a blog/website. Thanks so much to Jennifer at Celebrity Looks For Less for featuring me as one of her “Reader Looks For Less” candidates. Check out the interview here. Also, if you would like to submit your own look for less, put in an application here.

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