Favorite Beauty Find: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Fast Dry Nail Color Tuesday, Jan 5 2010 

Now usually, I would think spending a bunch of money on nail polish was stupid and irrational. However, after purchasing this nail polish on sale at the drugstore, I will never make a $0.99 nail polish purchase again. This nail polish not only dries fast but lasts long. I have a bunch of colors, since the sale was for about a week, and everytime I went to get something, I bought like 3 polishes. I love it so much, especially the fact that it only takes a minute to dry. I can literally update my blog and let my nails dry at the same time, it’s great. I would suggest this for anyone who lives a fast lifestyle, with no time to get a manicure, and you need a quick polish fix. I have it in red, yellow, bright pink, white, black, dark teal, dark red, dark purple, navy blue, and I think a couple other ones I think (I am a bad impulse shopper lol). You can purchase them at your local drugstore or here. For more beauty finds, check back here at The Interesting Stylish Mom In College.

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My Beauty Must-Haves Friday, Nov 20 2009 

So, I’m not a big make-up artists, and most days I just wear my favorite lip gloss. But when I do get all “dolled up”, I swear by these products. These range from skin care to cosmetics. So, here we go!


Face wash

Clean and Clear Advantage 3 in 1 Foaming Cleanser

I have the worse acne in the world. I mean, I haven’t had clear skin since before puberty. I just don’t get it. I’ve tried Pro-Activ, no luck. I am now just trying to maintain the acne I do have, and i do so by using this face wash. I must admit, some of my acne has gone away, and I only sprout big pimples when I am eating bad things and/or stressed out. I have to thank this face wash for the work. Every morning and night, I wash my face with this, even after I use a make-up remover, because make-up remover does not replace washing your face at night. It’s always great to find a good acne product that doesn’t break you out and you can see changes.

Body Wash

Caress Tahitian Renewal Body Wash

I swear up and down by this body wash. It smells like a tropical dream, and the tiny beads leave my skin feeling very clean and dead-skin free. I honestly splurge here because it smells so heavenly, and I haven’t broken out from it. I am usually allergic to scented body washes and lotions, but this one hasn’t gotten to me (knocking on wood now). I just wish they had a matching lotion, then I would be set for life 🙂

Speaking of lotion, I have really dry skin, especially my feet, hands, face, and elbows. They tend to soak up moisture like a sponge, but never retain it. So, I have been daily searching for the right one for me. I actually buy the Family Dollar brand because it’s $1.50, and it works just as well as the Johnson and Johnson. Creamy Baby Oil won’t burn my skin in the sun, yet gives me the lasting moisture I need for my skin. Great product, I suggest it for anyone with severe dry skin, either this or Crisco, but i don’t like smelling like I’m going to be cooked in a pan soon 🙂


I use these two foundations off and on depending on what I am wearing and doing. The Super Stay is for when I wear white or may be hugging a lot of people, I definitely don’t want make up stains on my clothing. Also, when I go out at night, I wear this so i won’t look like a melting ice cream cone. The Liquid Mousse is for every other day, and works wonderfully. Maybelline really came out with some great products, I never thought they would be the ones to help a little black girl look flawless.

I adore Burt’s Bee, and I lost my only Burt’s Bee lip balm two months ago, I am still praying it will show back up. Until then, since I’m a broke college mom, I went for the next best thing, Lip Smackers. Yep, I took it back to the 90s when I was in elementary school and they were all the rage. You had to have all of the flavors or you were lame. I used to have almost every flavor, even if they didn’t taste all that great. I had the Skittles, The Soda Pop ones, you name it, I either had it or planned on getting it. Well, I had dropped that porduct off along with my BSB posters and bell bottom jeans. But in a desparate need for lip balm for a concert, they were there to support me. Now, this is not the best lip gloss, because your lips get pretty dry not too long after (then again, I have dry skin issues, even with my lips, Burt’s Bee was close but not the best either for my condition), but the Pink Lemonade is my favorite. The Strawberry I got because I thought it would taste great, I was disappointed, but I have it in case I lose the Pink Lemonade or leave it in another bag.

Coastal Scents was introduced to me by a college roommate of mine my freshman year of college when I stayed in the Residence Halls. I now stay with my mom, but I digress. She mentioned they had a great deal on an 88-color eye shadow kit for $20. I thought, $20 for 88 colors, I’m so there. I bought the shimmer one because I love a little shimmer with my shadow. There is leterally every color to match a shade of something in my closet. I get so excited because I actually did play with the shades one time to match a shirt I owned, here’s the picture

Yep, I wa experimenting so don’t judge me too harshly. Anways, this is a great line, and my eyeshadow doesn’t wear away after a night of dancing. And that’s without a primer, yes, you heard right, without a primer. I love the options I have color wise, great set.

Well, that’s pretty much the only beauty products I use as far as my face and skin is concerned. I will be doing a post on my experience with natural hair care soon so look out for that. If you have any questions,  leave a comment or send me a message.

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