Spring Wardrobe 101: Florals Sunday, Jan 10 2010 

As you know, Spring is steadily approaching, and many retailers and designers are offering sneak peaks at their spring collections. One trend that has been very evident and seems to always reoccur during spring is the floral print. Whether its a big flower on a black shirt or the ditsy floral pattern on a pair of flats, florals are coming back strong. Here are a couple of ensemble ideas if you are stuck trying to figure out how to wear it.

Wet Seal Basic T-Shirt $7

Wet Seal Ditsy Floral Skirt $20

Oasis Opaque Tights $13

Charlotte Russe Oxford Shoes $23

Forever 21 Soft Faux Leather Tote $29

Forever 21 Sunglasses $6

Forever 21 Hoop Earrings $4

Forever 21 Bangle Set $5

Total Look:$107.00

Wet Seal Drape Pocket Cardigan $22

Target Reversible Floral Dress $20

Target Opaque tights $7

Urban Originals Platform Heels $22

Angie & Lola for Target Half-Ring Handle Clutch $7

Forever 21 Hoop Earrings $4

Forever 21 Long Beaded Necklace $8

Forever 21 Bangle Set $5

Total Look: $95.00

Wet Seal Floral Shirt $23

Wet Seal Floral Vest $23

Wet Seal Skinny Jeans $25

Forever 21 Suede Boots $27

Forever 21 Studded Bag $15

Forever 21 Hoop Earrings $4

Forever 21 Bangles Set $5

Total Look: $122.00

And for all of my size sexy divas, here’s some options for you as well!

Torrid Floral Patchwork Shirt $38

Wet Seal Lace Tank Top $10

Wet Seal Destroyed Skinny Jeans $35

Forever 21 Lace Up Booties $24

Forever 21 Shoulder Bag $27

Forever 21 Hoop Earrings $4

Forever 21 Bangle Set $6

Total Look: $144.00

Faith 21 Crochet Open Cardigan $33

Torrid Camisole $16

Torrid Destryed Denim Shorts $25

Forever 21 Button Suede Booties $36

Forever 21 Grid Cut Out Bag $25

Wet Seal Floral Scarf $9

Forever 21 Floral Cut Out Earrings $4

Forever 21 Metal Watch $10

Total Look:$158.00

Torrid Floral Print Dress $51

Torrid Opaque Tights $15

Urban Originals Platform Pumps $20

Urban Originals Woven Clutch $25

Forever 21 Bejeweled Dial Earrings $6

Forever 21 Bangle Set $5

Total Look: $122.00

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ISM Sarah Jane


Cheaply Chic- Rihanna At The Studio Monday, Jan 4 2010 

Rihanna was spotted going to her music studio in Chelsea working on her currently released album, Rated R. Thank you to Ultimate Rihanna for the photo!

I do know that the bag she is rocking is an Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle, but the rest of the ensemble, I am unsure of. If you want this look for less, check this out:

Forever 21 Splendid Career Jacket $15

Forever 21 Faux Fur Stole $8.80

Wet Seal 3/4 Sleeve Pocket Shirt $10

Xhilaration for Target Fashion Ruffled Mini Skirt $17

Urban Originals Boots $26

Urban Originals Studded Tote $40

Go Jane Temple Design Sunglasses $5.20

Forever 21 Metal Looped Cuff $3.80

Total Ensemble: $125.80

Now, the Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle that Rihanna is rocking retails for $850 alone, so the cost of this ensemble, which closely resembles the shapes and colors of Rihanna’s ensemble, is not as bad as one would initially think. If you want to try and find a look on your own, here are the key pieces you need to have:

1. A cropped blazer

2. A fur scarf or stole

3. A plaid shirt

4. A neutral tone body-con mini skirt

5. Ankle platform boots

6. A bag with studded details

7. A metallic cuff bracelet

8. Round frame sunglasses

For more celebrity-inspired ensembles, check back here, st the Interesting Stylish Mom In College!

ISM Sarah Jane

Happy New Year! New Things Coming Sunday, Jan 3 2010 

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been busy being a college mom, and haven’t had much time for any of my blogs or social networking sites. However, I’m back to bring more fashion posts and beauty finds. I want to do news, but that will have to be special posts, more like my opinion on it. Anyways, I want to say i had a great time for New Years and want to show three inspiration boards for my ensembles for the past few days.

I wore this NYE 09 with friends, we decided on an “Old School Hip Hop” theme. It was so much fun, we went to a 70s party, even though we weren’t dressed for it. It was crazy fun.

I wore this ensemble New Years Night, we went clubbing and I felt so fierce. My actual dress is a vintage black and gold dress, I love it!

I wore this yesterday just to chill, at first. But then I stepped outside, it was way too cold so I changed into a not so cute ensemble, but I was really warm 🙂

This year, like I mentioned before, I will be doing more styling posts, as well as celebrity insipred ensembles. I will post about new beauty products I purchase and even do some interviews hopefully. It’s going to be a good year, I hope everyone is ready!

The ISM Sarah Jane

Going Out For A Night 101 Monday, Dec 14 2009 

This is an inspiration ensemble I put together actually inspired by pieces in my wardrobe. I love the idea of a great beaded jacket with a basic tank top and leggings. The red heels also give the ensemble a some spiece by adding a bold color. The gold jewelry againt s the silver accents on the purse highlight the metallics in the jacket, as well as break the rule that you shouldn’t wear gold and silver together. With the holiday parties around the corner, if you don’t want to wear a dress, opt for an ensemble similar to this. The key items are:

1. Beaded Jacket, or even an embellished jacket, something that stands out

2. Basic Tank or Tee

2. Leggings, whether they are black or denim, keep the basic pieces matching and neutral, preferably black

3. Bold Colored Stiletto

3. Basic Clutch

4. Metallic jewelry, preferably gold for the holiday season

For more going out inspirational ensembles, check back here 🙂

ISM Sarah Jane

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Cheaply Chic-Rihanna Leaving A Hotel Friday, Nov 20 2009 

First off, want to give credit to Ultimate Rihanna for the photo!

11-02 - Leaving/Arriving To Gramercy Hotel, NYC

Rihanna was seen leaving her hotel in NYC rocking a very simple cropped top and jeans, with a pair of fabulous animal print booties. Again, I’m unsure if the designers, but if you want an inexpensive version of this look, you can try this option:

Wet Seal Cropped Top $10

Wet Seal Skinny Jeans $25

Urban Originals Animal Print Boots $37

Fabuless Rhinestone Stud Earrings $0.99

Forever 21 Twisted Bangle Set   $5.80

Total Outfit: $78.79

If you want to interpret the look on your own budget, here’s some key things you need:

1. Cropped top: It can be printed, plain, black white, which ever color you prefer, as lonmg as it suits your body type. Plus size women can wear thr cropped top look as well, just layer a tank underneath, maybe contrasting colors to give it a unique edge.

2. Skinny Jeans: Skinny Jeans are still going strong, now seemingly a basic for your wardrobe. Women of all sizes can wear skinny jeans, as long as they fit properly and are the right rise for your body shape. If you have a belly, don’t go for super low rise, try to find a mid rise skinny jean. If you are average or slim, you can pretty much wear any style and rise. Pear shapes should go for a mid rise, especially if your waist is slim, and definitely a darker wash.

3. Printed Booties: It doesn’t really matter what animal, skin, or print the boots are, as long as they don’t look cheap or cheesy. Also, make sure to go for a rounded toe, pointy toe and animal print can be a bit too fierce, but if you prefer pointy toe boots, go on and wear them 🙂

4. Rhinestone/Diamond Studs: These are a great basic to have in your wardrove to wear with any casual ensemble, especially if you want to have a little glam yet keep it simple.

5. Bangles: Gold isn’t necessary, just make sure it goes with the ensemble, metallic bangles are preferred though.

For more Cheaply Chic ensembles, check out the blog. Again, thank you to Ultimate Rihanna, I want to give credit where it is due.

ISM Sarah Jane

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Style Profile: A Preppy Girls Life Tuesday, Nov 17 2009 

The life of a modern day prepster is one full of upscale events and brunches with fellow colleages. So, it’s only right that she is dressed for the occasion. She usuall dresses causal for everyday activities, but still remains classic with a polo shirt, pleated shorts and cute simple flats, her signature style of earrings include studs, preferably pearl. Her jewelry is simple, yet classic and stands out. The classy quilted bag is a great small purse that adds a touch of retro chic to the look.

When it’s time to go out on the town with friends, she remains her classic look by wearing simple dresses and adding glamourous accessories to make the look pop. She starts with a simple two tone dress, then adds a great belt and diamond/rhinestone accessories to add that touch of glamour. By wearing lace gloves, she looks fashion-forward and retains that “Old-Hollywood Glam” appeal. A white clutch may seem troublesome, but that’s no problem for the prepster woman, it’s a must have.

Now it’s time to hit the office in a chic and again, classic ensemble. The classic white button up, black pencil skirt, and black pumps are not just great basics for her wardrobe, but can be mixed and matched with many of the other pieces found in her wardrobe. By wearing simple gold jewelry, it maintains the business rapour and even gives a slightly sexy aura to the look. A great black tote is another essential that will be timeless.

Hope you enjoyed going through the life of a preppy girl. Check back for more Style Profiles, right here at The ISMC!

ISM Sarah Jane

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My Wardrobe Essentials Tuesday, Oct 20 2009 

So, today I am very very sick, but I didn’t want to skip out on a post today. So, I am taking a subject that I previously posted on another blog I have and will place it here.

hanks to my account on Polyvore, I was able to create a photo collage of my wardrobe essentials 🙂 I’ve seen so many other bloggers do it, so I felt it was about time.


1. Blazers- I love a great blazer. Though the trend right now is to have a boyfriend blazer, I’m happy with my white and black classic blazers. I just roll the sleeves up and rock them. I also have a nav y seersucker one that I wear during the spring, great with white trousers and denim trousers.

2. Denim Jackets- Denim jackets are just great to throw on over a maxi dress or a mini dress to make it casual. I also love it with a full mini skirt or pencil skirt. Just a great all weather basic.

3. Vests- I love to throw on a vest over a basic tee and add a little class and/or sass to the ensemble. Love my motorcycle inspired one with a tank top and leopard mini!


1. Basic Tees- You cannot have a great wardrobe without basic tee shirts. You can layer them, wear them alone, and they are perfect for almost every occasion. You can wear them on Casual Fridays at work, or even layer them for everyday work ensembles. You can wear them going out with a great statement necklace and mini skirt. A great universal basic.

2. Button Ups- I love the idea of a button up and a pencil skirt, very classic yet sexy, I also wear them with jeans and a colorful tank underneath to create a great casual look.

3. Graphic Tees- Graphic tees are a great way to play with your wardrobe. They work great as a casual day look, or you can throw on a cute high waist mini skirt and some heels and go out.

Honorary Mention…Tunic Tops- I don’t know how I forgot the thing I wear in almost every picture. Tunics work great to cover up the pudge I still have from having my daughter. They work for all types of occassions. I have them in almost every color and style.


1. Maxi Dress- I have a few of them and they need to be taken in. I have one that fits perfectly, it’s a spaghetti strap cross-front maxi dress from Old Navy. It’s a great dress to travel in, go to the beach, go out to lunch with friends, hold a summer evening event in, and much more. Works great with a denim jacket, blazer, or vest too!

2. Mini Dresses- When it’s really hot, I wear shorter dresses. They are easy to throw on and just go. I also wear some of my mini dresses to go out with friends, especially if I’m feeling sexy and “bad” lol.


1. Shorts- I live in Florida, so about 80% of the year we spend in shorts. Well, I don’t really wear them often, I’m more of a jeans or leggings girl. But this summer, shorts were my refuge. I have thicker legs, which I am not ashamed to show, because curves are beautiful. I usually wear shorts with a tee shirt and on occasion a nice tunic top.

2. Skirts- I didn’t start wearing skirts until high school. I love a great high waist skirt, because they work with my pudge. I have a leopard mini that I just can’t wait to wear going out, possibly on my birthday (it’s in 2 weeks!). I also love a great kneee length skirt, preferably a full or pencil skirt. Definitely invested in a lot of skirts, can’t wait for the weather to get cooler (which according to the weather reports, it’s already doing that, yay!)

3. Leggings- I love leggings! I wish I had them in every color, but alas I don’t. I especially love my liquid leggings and black denim ones. I usually wear them with a long tunic top or tee. I also love how they make me look slimmer 🙂

4. Jeans- They say since i have a big bust I should wear a low rise bootcut jean. Well my favorite jeans are a high waist skinny jean so bam! in your face haha. I mean, skinny jeans are the best things invented since peanut butter and the micowave. I have colored ones, dark ones, high rise ones, I just love  denim in general. I pretty much have every style in some shape, form or color. I think I have about 20-30 pairs. And yet I still want more.

Honorary Mention…High Waist Trousers- Again, the high waist is my favorite, and a wide leg combined with that just makes my heart smile. Great for work or play 😉


1. Ballet Flats- I have so many colors, I just love them to throw on when I don’t want to wear heels and I haven’t had a pedicure in a while. They work especially when it rains for me. They are just a cute way to add color to your ensembles, and a great classic alternative to heels.

2. Sandals- I love a great flat sandal or a high heel sandal. It all depends on the occassion. I am starting to get into wearing heels to class, especially since all of my classes are in the same building and floor.

3. Classic Black Heels- I just ordered a platform patent black slingback heel and I love them. They are comfortable with the platform and they work great with almost every ensemble. I just love black shoes!

4. Boots- Since again, I live in Florida, I don’t need a bunch of boots. However, I have 2 pairs that I absolutely love. One is my motorcycle boots and the other is a vintage pair of boots that come up to my midcalf. I really don’t wear them unless it’s really cold outside. I tried wearing the motorcycle boots this summer and my feel were highly pissed off with me.

5. Sneakers- I love colorful sneakers. I have about 3 pairs of great colorful sneakers. My favorite sneakers are my multi-colored high-top Vans. They look great with leggings and a long tee or skinny jeans and a regular tee or polo, for that cool casual vibe. I also own some rainbow Keds, so fab!


1. Hoop Earrings- Great to dress up an outfit, especially with your hair pinned up or in a ponytail.

2. Watches- I have colorful watches and metallic ones. The metallic ones are more for classy ensembles, whereas my colorful ones are for the casual everyday ensemble. Although lately I’ve been wearing my metallic watches.

3. Necklaces- Again, another great way to dress up an ensemble. They look great with solid tops so they don’t compete with a print.

4. Bangles- I live in a world were the “Around the Way Girl” was the thing to be. So bangles have been an essential for quite some time now. i love them for every occasion.

5. Crossbody Bags- Great for shopping or just going out. Who really wants a great big tote bag while you’re dancing (who really wants a bag period though, right?)?

6. Tote Bags- Great alternative to my backpack on days where I don’t have to carry many textbooks to class. Also great for shopping light and for work.

7. Belts- I love to belt all of my tunics to you can see that I do have a waist. I also love how it adds a little something special to a plain ensemble, whether it’s a wide or skinny belt.

8. Sunglasses- Ok, so I wear glasses that change to a darker lense when I go into the sun, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wear sunglasses. I especially love the Wayfarer style, but since I cannot afford Ray Bans, I have a bunch of knockoffs that I love 🙂

These are some of my favorite pieces and styles. If I don’t know what to wear, I fall back on these pieces to help me out. Until next time, C-ya!

Cheaply Chic- Beyonce at a golf tournament Monday, Oct 19 2009 

Beyonce-The Barclays Golf Tournament

Beyonce-The Barclays Golf Tournament

Beyonce was spotted at The Barclays Golf Tournament  in New Jersey wearing a very rock-inspired ensemble. It featured a t-shirt with a vest print on it and skull design, acid wash shorts with studs, studded flat boots, and great classic black sunglasses. I’m unsure of the designers featured in her ensemble, however if you want the look for cheap, here’s an option for you

Glitter Zebra Print Tee-Wet Seal $9.90

Studded Turn Cuff Shorts-Wet Seal $22

Flat Crinkle Leatherette Boots- GoJane $27

Curvy Topline Sunglasses-Forever 21 $5.80

Beaded Hoop Earrings- Forever 21 $5.80

Plain Round Bangle- $2.80 each

Total Price For the Ensemble: $76.10

Now, if you don’t like these ensembles, here are some key tips to finding a similar ensemble:

1. The tee shirt should be black and white, or have a great graphic print, like a skull, or whichever print you prefer (I love animal prints!)

2. The shorts should either be an acid wash or a dark grey wash, preferrably with studs. or even better, do it yourself studs froma craft store will work.

3. The boots need to be tall and flat, they should hit under your knee. Details such as buckles and/or studs are essential.

4. The jewelry should have an item featuring bling and a simple item, as to not overpower the ensemble with shine.

5. Sunglasses, whichever shape fits your face frame, should be black with a black tint.

Hope you enjoyed the segment!